Wirksworth Festival 12-13th September 2009

Wirksworth Festival 12th - 13th September

Very exciting times – my first Winter event is fast approaching and you’re all invited. Wirksworth in Derbyshire is staging an art and design festival which promises to be a really fun and inspiring weekend. For lots more details click here

Building the New Studio – Part One

The chaos of tidying ... So, preparations are beginning for the move out of my Design Space studio and into my own home. Arg!

I started clearing the space today, fought off some seriously scary spiders, one tenacious slug and rather a lot of dust bunnies to claim enough space to get a bench and some shelving up.
I appreciate that it doesn’t look like a lot just yet, but look how lovely and light the space is going to be.  Building things is always very exciting …
I terms of actual, work related, news I have a beautiful new stockist, Janet Bell in Anglesea, who’ll be getting a parcel of my Tenby Street range very soon! Check out her gorgeous site here