Making Spoons …

I’m developing something of a spoon addiction, at the moment it’s manifesting itself in a new set of spoons in the style of my current ‘Flotsam’ collection. It’s quite satisfying to go back to basics with my silversmithing and hand raise the bowls of the spoons, hammer texture into the handles. Of course, it’s a noisy job and I’ve rattled more than a few things off the shelves in the studio doing it! But them I think that the results were worth it.

I chose to add pearls to this pair of spoons just to put a little more ‘preciousness’ into them. As working pieces it makes them a little less practical but I think it gives them a nice extra touch as a gift.  The bowls are based on the shapes of pebbles, worn down by the sea – most of my inspiration comes from the landscape of the beach and when I’m not using actual found objects from the shore it’s great to work those natural, unsymmetrical shapes into a piece.

Anyway, they’re out of my hands already and down in Suffolk with Sea Pictures Gallery  who’re hosting my new Flotsam range and stocking my little Tenby Street beach houses. It’ll be very exciting to see how the work is recieved in a gallery that’s devoted to the sea.


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