Making Bunting … Part One

Big day today.I went to Worcester to visit one of my favourite fabric shops, The Cotton Reel, on Broad Street. I was on a bit of a mission as I’ve decided to make some bunting to decorate my stand at the up-coming Wirksworth Festival. Bunting seems to rather in vogue at the moment and I think I’ve got the bug!

There’s a lovely treasury of bunting-esque goodies here that’s well worth a look and includes this beauty:

Bird on bunting purse from Dinky Daisy

So, after much umming and ahhing over colour and pattern combinations for my bunting I settled on pale blue and pale yellow polka dots:

It looks beachy and fresh (when photographed in better light, honest …) I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep using it through the winter, it looks quite summery really, but it’ll be lovely for next weekend – and sets off my little Tenby houses rather well I think.

I found the pattern for the pieces on this site and here are a few ‘in progress’ photos:

… now, to the sewing machine!

2 thoughts on “Making Bunting … Part One

  1. I love your little Tenby houses, especially the Georgian town house brooches 🙂

    Good luck with the bunting making. Be careful. it is pretty addictive… I made over 150 metres for my wedding!

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