Malvern Autumn Show 2010 – set up

I spent the day on the road today, going down to Malvern to set up for a weekend show. Malvern is a gorgeous little historical town but the driving wind and gloomy skies kept me from appreciating the view too much. Plus, I had to keep my eye on the SatNav to find the venue. When I got there I realised that it’s actually pretty hard to miss the Three Counties Showground. I’ve never been there before,  it seems to be mainly used for agricultural shows … and it’s huge. No really. I sort of expected some marquees in a field but this is what I was greeted with:

Yep. Huge. And that’s one hall. The event, The Malvern Autumn Show, is looking forward to welcoming 60,000 people across two days and includes everything from gardening to quality local craftware. It’s an epic selction and I’m not sure you could honestly see it all in two days but, if you do venture out to see it, drop by the Worcestershire Guild‘s stand and say hello to me!

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