Lockets and hinges [oh, my]


Master of Hinges - work by Bronwen Tyler Jones

When I was at art college, doing my foundation degree, I had a thing for hinges.

This odd little crush is reasserting itself somewhat now that there’s no one else around in the studio to tell me to get over it and make some proper jewellery. And so, after recieving a book on the subject for Christmas (an out of print book I might add – somehow scavenged from the ‘net in mysterious circumstances by Mr W) I  have set out to learn to make them properly.

It’s complex, but I’m enjoying the challenge of actually crafting a lot of small elements and fitting them into a whole …


Et Voila - hinge!

… there’s an extra set of knuckles in here that I didn’t remember to photograph. Bacially, the outer tube holds the rotating hinge sections in and prevents them opening full. It’s fiddly, but very neat once it’s all done.

4 thoughts on “Lockets and hinges [oh, my]

  1. hello I am currently in my last year at art college and would love to know the name of book you receieved about hinging , as I myself find hingeing very interesting.

    • If you look in the back of the book at the books used there is another hinge book that they used in the writing, I looked at getting it but found if was really expensive, if you go to lulu they will print the book for you to order at a fraction of the price, this book shows you lots of ways to make hinges.

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