Press Form Practice #2 …

Back in the studio bright and early today making up some pebble-esque press forms to sample etching on …

Press form practice …

I got some time today to have a play with the fly press and work out some ideas for a new range that I want to take to the British Craft Trade Fair in April.

It’s nice to have development time but I’m also aware of my self imposed, end of March deadline to get all the work done! Here’s what I was thinking on today:

… more tomorrow, as well as an interesting Arts Trail meeting in Worcester …

Flotsam Hearts

I spent some time last week playing around with my new heart cutter, putting together a range for spring:

Here’s how I got on:

and it’s all available on Folksy and Etsy too.

The Heart Cutter from Wisconsin

A very exciting parcel arrived at the workshop last Friday:

Last year I invested in a Swanstrom disc cutter from Rio Grande and, without doubt, it’s one of the best tools that I own. This year those clever folks at Swanstrom have designed shaped cutters and my latest acquisition is this little heart shaped beauty:

Naturally I had it out on my bench and cutting things in under 3 minutes – and the little hearts come out just perfectly:

So I grabbed some spare silver and made a heart shaped version of my larger Flotsam pendants:

I’m really pleased with how well it came out, it’s neat, lovely and slightly more floral my usual. I think it’ll be just perfect for valentines.

I polished it up and the final piece is here:

To celebrate the new cutter (I know, I’m a little crazy about tools …) I’m going to run a Valentines Giveaway so, if you’d like to win the first product of the new cutter, then check out the details here.

(… and here’s a quick final shot of my disc cutter, Albie, and Winnie (of Wisconsin) nestled safely together on the bench. Aw!)