Beachcomber …

I got the big new beachcomber necklace all finished up yesterday, just in time for the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate this weekend.

I’m really pleased with how well the stones and my silver press forms work together and it’ll be interesting to see what the galleries who visit make of it …

2 thoughts on “Beachcomber …

  1. Its gorgeous Becca, been following this necklace and waiting for the finished product.

    Did you encase the stone pebble in silver or replace it all together with the silver pebble? wondering what a necklace made of all silver pebbles would look like.

    I’m starting with Victoria on Sunday, so i’ll pop over one of these days to say hi.

    How’s the britannia silver workign out? is that all you’re using now? i’d never heard of it till you mentioned it so thanks fot the info.


    • Aw, thanks Funto! I hope it works out well for you – do blog your classes … I took one stone out entirely so the silver piece here is a hollow ‘stone’ made from Britannia silver – I don’t use Britannia for much but it stretches so much better than sterling for this purpose!

      Centrepiece are having open Studios next month (18h &19th May) so you’ll have to do the tour of our workshops!


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