British Craft Trade Fair 2012

I spent the weekend at the British Craft Trade Fair introducing some of my work to trade buyers and getting the first real public reaction to the new beachcomber pieces. I’ve never independantly taken my work to a trade show before but the whole expereince was overwhelmingly positive.

The show had over 400 stands filled with handmade, british contemporary craft and the high standard of the work on show was inspiring. It was wonderful to be in such creative company and everyone was so nice. Working on your own it’s easy to forget how many other people are working and learning about handmaking all the time too – and I swapped a few good stories and bits of advice with the other exhibitors.

Anyway, it wasn’t all about us jewellers talking shop – here’s how my stand looked for the show:

I’m really quite pleased with how much I got into a 1m x 2m space and the clean minimal look that the white walls gave it all. I generally have more space at retail shows but I think I’ll keep using this set up, only with a bigger table top …

4 thoughts on “British Craft Trade Fair 2012

  1. Becca, the necklace is beautiful! My friend and colleague here at Rio made a beach-inspired necklace (Seattle beach) using those same awesome black stones, and then BRONZclay beads made from a stone mold. Sounds like the fair was great!

    • Oo, that would have looked lovely! I found then in my stone suppliers last month and knew that they’d be just perfect for a big new piece!
      I hope everything is well on your side of the pond xx

  2. Great to see your set up, I’m doing my first trade fair in Glasgow in September, and I have done many craft fairs and some times put too much on the table, but it looks so nice with just minimal stock.

    • Oh, good luck – I guess the advantage is that no one takes stock away on the day so you can set it up more like an exhibition, rather than thinking that you need 10 of your bestseller – it feels a little strange but I guess sometimes less is more 😉 xx

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