Making Bunting … Part One

Big day today.I went to Worcester to visit one of my favourite fabric shops, The Cotton Reel, on Broad Street. I was on a bit of a mission as I’ve decided to make some bunting to decorate my stand at the up-coming Wirksworth Festival. Bunting seems to rather in vogue at the moment and I think I’ve got the bug!

There’s a lovely treasury of bunting-esque goodies here that’s well worth a look and includes this beauty:

Bird on bunting purse from Dinky Daisy

So, after much umming and ahhing over colour and pattern combinations for my bunting I settled on pale blue and pale yellow polka dots:

It looks beachy and fresh (when photographed in better light, honest …) I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep using it through the winter, it looks quite summery really, but it’ll be lovely for next weekend – and sets off my little Tenby houses rather well I think.

I found the pattern for the pieces on this site and here are a few ‘in progress’ photos:

… now, to the sewing machine!

Festival of Crafts at Farnham

I got a very exciting pile of post when I came back from Edinburgh on Thursday. It’s kind of like Christmas when you let your mail build up. There were letters from friends, tedious (but nessecary) bank statements and a whole pack of flyers for the Festival of Crafts that Farnham Maltings are having in October.

This is not just exciting because I’ll be there, selling work. Or because it’s the home of a beautiful silversmithing group. Oh no, it’s super exciting because I’m on the flyer! Twice. Whoop! do check it out, it’s going to be a lovely fair:

Farnham Maltings Craft Festival Flyer 2010

Farnham Maltings Craft Festival Flyer 2010

Canary Wharf

Today I gathered up a lot of boxes, all tied up with string, and set off for London-town to install a window as part of the Art and Events scheme at Canary Wharf. It’s something that been in the pipeline since last years London Jewellery Week  but it’s finally come to pass just in time for the London Architecture Festival – which suits the Tenby street houses very nicely indeed!

Making Spoons …

I’m developing something of a spoon addiction, at the moment it’s manifesting itself in a new set of spoons in the style of my current ‘Flotsam’ collection. It’s quite satisfying to go back to basics with my silversmithing and hand raise the bowls of the spoons, hammer texture into the handles. Of course, it’s a noisy job and I’ve rattled more than a few things off the shelves in the studio doing it! But them I think that the results were worth it.

I chose to add pearls to this pair of spoons just to put a little more ‘preciousness’ into them. As working pieces it makes them a little less practical but I think it gives them a nice extra touch as a gift.  The bowls are based on the shapes of pebbles, worn down by the sea – most of my inspiration comes from the landscape of the beach and when I’m not using actual found objects from the shore it’s great to work those natural, unsymmetrical shapes into a piece.

Anyway, they’re out of my hands already and down in Suffolk with Sea Pictures Gallery  who’re hosting my new Flotsam range and stocking my little Tenby Street beach houses. It’ll be very exciting to see how the work is recieved in a gallery that’s devoted to the sea.


Building the New Studio – Part One

The chaos of tidying ... So, preparations are beginning for the move out of my Design Space studio and into my own home. Arg!

I started clearing the space today, fought off some seriously scary spiders, one tenacious slug and rather a lot of dust bunnies to claim enough space to get a bench and some shelving up.
I appreciate that it doesn’t look like a lot just yet, but look how lovely and light the space is going to be.  Building things is always very exciting …
I terms of actual, work related, news I have a beautiful new stockist, Janet Bell in Anglesea, who’ll be getting a parcel of my Tenby Street range very soon! Check out her gorgeous site here

Busy Bank Holiday Monday

No sitting around complaining about the bank holiday weather for me, oh no.

Instead I was to be found sanding Tenby Street castings in preparation for Treasure in a couple of weeks. It’s a retail show that’s part of the giant, monster celebration that is London Jewellery Week 2009. It’s exciting to be involved, but since I only found out about the show last week it’s going to be something of a mad scramble to get everything done in time.

Today’s job was to get my rough castings clean and ready to have the findings soldered on tomorrow. It took a little longer than I’d hoped it would but my perfectionist streak comes out when I’m cleaning things and I start to image stratches and dinks where, to a sane person, it’s clear that there aren’t any.

At the end of Treaure-prep, day one, my bench looks like this:

Lots of lovely little castings, lined up after cleaning

Lots of lovely little castings, lined up during cleaning