Giveaway – tickets for the Farnham Festival of Crafts

Farnham Maltings Craft Festival Flyer 2010

I’m doing a show in a couple of weeks at the beautiful Farnham Maltings, in Surrey. Taking place on the 16th and 17th of October and featuring 75 leading designer makers it’ll be a gorgeous showcase for contemporary craft and the perfect opportunity for some early Christmas shopping.

I have a couple of pairs of tickets for the event (worth £6) to giveaway as a little incentive for you all to make the trip down to Surrey and see us all. Check out the impressive exhibitor list here and leave a comment below to enter (or email me with ‘Ticket Giveaway’ in the subject line) and I’ll draw it next week!


Festival of Crafts at Farnham

I got a very exciting pile of post when I came back from Edinburgh on Thursday. It’s kind of like Christmas when you let your mail build up. There were letters from friends, tedious (but nessecary) bank statements and a whole pack of flyers for the Festival of Crafts that Farnham Maltings are having in October.

This is not just exciting because I’ll be there, selling work. Or because it’s the home of a beautiful silversmithing group. Oh no, it’s super exciting because I’m on the flyer! Twice. Whoop! do check it out, it’s going to be a lovely fair:

Farnham Maltings Craft Festival Flyer 2010

Farnham Maltings Craft Festival Flyer 2010