Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Someone as cynical as I am really shouldn’t get swept up in the rampant commercialism that is a 21st Century Halloween.

But I do. Every year I fall for it hook, line and sinker and host a pumpking carve. And, shamelessly, I love it. Normally my pumkpins tend towards the cute:

But this year, finding myself with an extra pumpkin, I set out to master scary. Apparently (so Mr Williams says) teeth are key in a high scariness factor and he can do a scary pumpkin. The first sketch came out looking a little Arkham Asylum – which is okay, since it’s Halloween after all.

Then I roughtly carved in the teeth and eyes with a big old kitchen knife and a tool that I originally made for carving wax casting models. I never expected it to come in handy when I forged it back in university:

Not bad eh? Definitely not cuddly now. I helped the look along with a craft knife and a little creative dentistry:

Et voila:

I still think it looks far too cute to be properly scary … kind of like a stunned piranha. Hm, maybe next year.