Renting a Studio

Last week I rented a studio. It was totally impulsive and not really like me. It was also too good an opportunity to pass up.

I’ve been feeling confined in my teeny, tiny home studio of late and was longing to branch out. Plus, I miss my beloved Jewellery Quarter. Then,while casually leafing through Benchpeg (a must of jewellers) I spotted this:

I had to see it. In the way that you have to try on amazing shoes in  high street stores – even though you probably aren’t going to buy them and they’re ridiculously frivolous. So I emailed, then I dropped in and, well, it was a big white room but hey – it was more than my current 4′ square.

So I mulled, fretted, did some adding up, drew pictures of where all my stuff would go, fretted and, eventually, just rented the damn thing:

And it feels pretty great. I went to work in it this morning and was productive. I had space to lay out supplies, draw new design ideas and I wasn’t in anyone’s way. I could walk to get all my supplies instead of catching two trains. I’m converted and release again how important it is to have working space of one’s own.