Follow Friday: Lets go Fly A Kite!

Mr Williams flying the kite

In a suprising spell of August sunshine last week Mr Williams and I dusted off our kite and took it out to the Lickey Hills to play. I always forget how much fun it is to fly the kite and regret that I didn;t get it out of it’s bag a little sooner. It’s peaceful to be standing on the ground, hanging on to such a little scrap of material that looks so free up there in the big wide blue. And you really did have to hang on that day – it was astonishingly windy!

So this weeks Follow Friday (and my first)  features kites, in all their many shapes and forms as bringers of simple joy:

Top Left: Hello, Girl with Kite from Happy Day Studio

Top Right: Kite Pillow Cover from Sukan

Lower Left: Anyone Can Fly … a Kite from Birdland Creations

Lower Right: Parent with Child by Longarms